The executive operation of “Namroud Dam” body has finished

The project executive of Namroud storage Dam said, for the finishing ceremony of the executive operation of the body of the “Dam” all the required cooperation’s and scheduling has been taken through “Ministry of Energy”.


According to the report of “ Tehran Regional Water CompanyPublic Relations  , Adel Saaedi, the project executive of “Namroud storage Dam”

Mentioned about the latest progression of the project and indicate that they finalized the execution

operation of “Namroud Dam” and Ministry of Energy made all the cooperation’s regarding the ceremony

of the finalizing of the operation for dam body.

He mentioned that they evaluated the issue related to the desire to lands acquisition, remaining real estates

 in the reservoir and replacing roads and said according to the coordination’s made, its necessary to

provide total funds in order to take the full acquisition of the remaining lands.

Saaedi mentioned at the end “in terms of solving the existing obstacles, the full operation of

“Namroud Storage Dam” in Firouzkouh area, would have essential effects on providing industrial water at the city of Firouzkoh and province of Semnan.

News code: 4780
  News Date : 2021-06-10



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