Tehran Regional Water Company warned:

The director of the office for operation and maintenance of water and hydroelectric facilities of Tehran Regional Water Company warned

20 people drowned in the rivers and water facilities of Tehran province since the beginning of the year till now/ Citizen supposed to pay attention to the signs and sign of swimming warning.


The director of the office for operation and maintenance of water and hydroelectric facilities of Tehran Regional Water Company announced that, since the beginning of this year 20 people have drowned in rivers and water facilities of Tehran province.

According to the report of public relations, "Mohammad Shahriari”  Every year, with the beginning of the summer, we are witnessing the presence of citizens and tourists on the riverside and water facilities, regardless of fencing range and ignoring the warning sign. This negligence causes a lots of human and financial loss for them.

Shahriari mention that, since the beginning of this year, unfortunately, we have witnessed that 20 of our compatriots have had drowned in the rivers water facilities of the province.

He added that, unfortunately, the number of drowning in rivers, irrigation canals and dam lakes has increased.

Despite the statistic that was 6 people last year, the concern is, accident statistics in a short period of three months would grow as the hot days are ahead.

He added that, some people think that swimming in dam is less dangerous, but it must be admitted that this mind-set is very dangerous because although the water level of dam seems calm and not like the sea with big and turbulent waves, but the water below the dam has much higher pressure compare to see water .So that even the most professional swimmers have drowned in dam water.

Nothing that, the highest percentage of drownings is related to irrigation and drainage network, the official said that: population loading and urban development along with irrigation and drainage networks, as well as lake of citizen’s attention to warnings and recommendation of official increase number of cases in the mentioned network.

Shahriari stated that , every year before summer season started , the company take a good action to prevent accidents in water facilities ,said prohibition notification about the swimming ban in dam lake ,rivers, irrigation, drainage canals , reconstruction, the reinstallation of warning signs, identify accident hotspots , the installation of fences, prepare related clips to the danger of  swimming in water facilities, interviews with radio, television and news agencies, as well as advertisements for swimming bans in local newspapers included those actions.

News code: 4779
  News Date : 2021-07-12



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