Installation of warning signs in the path of Simin Dasht Canal

Manager of the operation office of water and hydroelectric facilities announced about the installation of warning and safety signs in 20 km of Simon Dasht Canal.


According to public relation report, "Mohammad Shahriari announced that

Every year, we used to witness the take a risk of the lives of some people, who swim in the canal during the hot months of the year, the cars crash to the Simin Dasht water transfer canal, as well as intrusion into water resources and construction in private facilities and isolated area.

Shahriari pointed that, the Simin Dasht Canal has, transmitted agricultural water from the gardens of Tehran province, Garmsar drinking water and the lands of the Garmsar irrigation network.

He said that, in order to warn, prevent the life, financial dangers of people, to prevent the intrusion and occupation of lands in the canal area and unauthorized withdrawal of water resources, he react to build and install seven concrete swimming warning signs and prohibit intrusion and occupation in the canal area, in route 20 kilometer of Simin Dasht water transfer canal to the border of Semnan province that it was started in July of this year.

Finally, he warned citizens to heed the warnings of the regional water company and the swimming banners. Due to irrigation and drainage canals and due to high velocity water flow, slippery, steep slope of irrigation canal walls, this place has become a very dangerous place, so it is necessary for the citizens to pay special attention to the issue of not choosing these facilities 

News code: 4795
  News Date : 2021-07-12



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